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Astonishing Details Regarding Top Essay Writing Service Unveiled

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3-D Printing, Soligen and Other Companies - 5712 Words

Question 1: Select 2-3 companies profiled in the case and discuss the formulation of their respective strategies for commercializing the TDP Technology The three companies we would further discuss are the Soligen, Specific Surface Corporation (SSC) and Z Corp. Sloigen: Soligen Technology Inc. was founded by Yehoramo Uziel, it was incorporated in Delaware in October 1991, and commenced operations in April 1992. Soligen is a metal casting industry which produces fully functional 3-Dimensional cast metal components. Typically the lengths of time to make castings are approximately 6-12month. However with Soligen’s unique technology known as DSPC (Direct Shell Production Casting) the length of production is reduced to weeks or even†¦show more content†¦Specific Surface Corporation was then able to provide customers with filters that efficiently removed particulates from dirty hot flue gas streams hence providing customers with greater power generation efficiency. As Parrish and Jeffery brainstormed the problems on the already existing filter industry they arrived with two major issued that were going on in the industry. They were, one people no longer wanted to cool down gases at the source. The other issue was that people wanted more compact filters, they wanted them smaller. However to get smaller filters one would have to get a larger surface area. Parrish went ahead to contact companies such as ABB and Westinghouse which used a lot of filters and were facing the similar problems. Parrish offered Jeffery the opportunity to join him and they pursued the opportunity together and licensed the technology created by Emmanuel Sachs and they worked on creating the smaller filters with larger surface areas. In early 1993 Mike Cima a professor of material science at MIT introduced Parrish to the 3DP process. Cima showed Parrish how he used it to make ceramics, Parrish then inquired if anyone was using this technology to make filters and Cima’s response was â€Å"No, why don’t you do it†. This was a distinct advantage for Specific Surface Corporation as at the time there were no companies involved in theShow MoreRelatedMit Case Analysis Essay1242 Words   |  5 PagesI. Current Situation: The development of the Three Dimensional Printing Process (3DP) at MIT by researchers – Emmanuel Sachs, John Haggerty, Michael Cima, and Paul Williams – that revolutionized various businesses with its technology. a. Mission – For MIT to advance knowledge and educate in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve the nation and the world. b. Goals – The development of 3DP for research and technology. c. Objectives – To make use of the new ideas, technologies

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A Modest Proposal Summary - 1153 Words

1. The implied thesis of Swift’s â€Å"A Modest Proposal is that 18th century Ireland would be in a better situation if the Irish society and monarchy actually treated problems such as overpopulation and poverty, While the overt thesis is that Irish people should consider eating their children and selling them to rich Englishmen to solve the issue of poverty and overpopulation in the country. They differ form one another as one focuses on eating children, while the other focuses on giving commentary through the essay itself. 2. The primary aim for the narrator is to suggest a reflection on how the Irish are treating the problems happening within their country through satirical writing. The narrator states that, â€Å"Infant’s flesh will be in†¦show more content†¦4. The â€Å"very knowing American† is added to further drive the point that this work is satirical. At the time this was written America was going through very difficult time while under British control, and talk of a revolution had started to begin. America in some aspects was in a similar position Ireland was at the time – so by saying â€Å"I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old the most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food.† (Swift) This boosts the satirical nature, as you should never take advice about getting out of a situation from someone still going through the same exact situation. 5. The appropriate response to this essay would be the reader reflecting on the point of the essay, but instead of reflection, it more than likely received massive disapproval. The ides themselves are not only morally and ethically wrong, but nonsensical. The concept of eating another human would destroy what separates us from wild animals. So, it would make sense that the Irish may have been mad. Due to theShow MoreRelatedSummary Of A Modest Proposal 1304 Words   |  6 Pageseconomical problems such as poverty and overpopulation. Throughout Swifts writing we are able to recognize many things such as his purpose for writing â€Å"A Modest Proposal† and how it’s achieved, the form of emotional and logical appeal he uses to draw in his readers, along with his strongest and weakest elements in his text. Although Swift proposes his modest idea of selling children into the meat market, that is not his real solution, it is simply an idea that he proposes to get his point across that ifRead MoreA Modest Proposal Summary1767 Words   |  8 Pages1.The implied thesis of Swift’s â€Å"A Modest Proposal is that 18th century Ireland would be in a better situation if the Irish society and monarchy actually treated problems such as overpopulation and poverty, While the overt thesis is that Irish people should consider eating their children and selling them to rich Englishmen to solve the issue of poverty and overpopulation in the country. They differ from one another as one focuses on eating children, while the other focuses on giving commentary throughRead MoreSummary Of Gullivers Travels And A Modest Proposal1450 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of Gullivers Travels and A Modest Proposal: Satire Authors often use satire to ridicule peoples behaviors or societys institutions, with hopes of bringing social change. One of the most influential satirical authors of all time is Jonathan Swift, who uses these techniques so effectively, that he has been called â€Å"the greatest satirist in the English Language† (Holt 620). Swift’s use of satire to address controversial concerns is one of the reasons this story is still relevant and analyzedRead MoreSummary Of Jonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal918 Words   |  4 Pagesthese people was a man named Jonathan Swift. In his essay â€Å"A Modest Proposal† Swift challenges the status quo of the time and place in which it was written by proposing that they eat the children of the poor, ending the hate between the Protestants and the Catholics, and suggesting that the landowners have mercy towards their tenants. In his essay, Swift first suggests that the population of Ireland eat the children of the poor. This proposal would shock anyone, but it was definitely something that wasRead MoreJonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal949 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"A Modest Proposal† by Jonathan Swift takes place in Dublin Ireland in the 18th century. The narrator is a very ironic character. His â€Å"modest† proposal is anything but modest. This short story takes place during a famine. Since there was a famine, Swift proposes the idea that people sell their one year old children to the rich so they would not be a burden to their family. One important way in which the author engages the audience’s attention and tries to help his readers see deeper politicalRead MoreAnalysis Of Jonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal806 Words   |  4 Pages A Modest Proposal was written in Ireland in 1729 by Jonathan Swift. Swift wrote many satires in this time period, he was not popular due to these. This time period was known as â€Å"The Age of Reason.†(A Modest Proposal) During this time many of the people from Ireland were Roman Catholic. Jobs that were available to them were; agricultural laborers and tenant farmers. â€Å"Landlords or landowners were paid for the crops that were harvested on their land. Workers that harvested these crops were very poorRead MoreOutline: a Modest Proposal Essay1044 Words   |  5 PagesOutline: A Modest Proposal I. Introduction A. Audience Participation 1. How many of you see poverty and hunger as a problem in the world? How many of you think that you cannot possibly help solve this problem? B. Introduce self and topic 1. According to an article written by Jason M. Breslow, as of 2011, children had the highest poverty level with over 16 million children living in poverty. That is just in the United States. Imagine the number of children living in poverty in the entire worldRead MoreMbg2251264 Words   |  6 PagesMGB225 Intercultural Communication amp; Negotiation Skills Assessment I: Research Report European Negotiations Southern Candles Tour De France Executive Summary 1.0 Introduction The prevalence of internationalisation and globalisation of businesses in the twenty-first century has reiterated the importance of effective cross-cultural communication to achieve any level of progress or success. Culture is defined by Geert Hofstede, as the collective programming ofRead MoreA Modest Proposal, to Save the Country’s Image: Examining the Oppression Toward the Irish Poor2071 Words   |  9 PagesA Modest Proposal, to save the country’s image: Examining the oppression toward the Irish poor A Modest Proposal: For Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public was published in 1729 by Jonathan Swift. It was published during an economic crisis and a period where the English developed a great dissatisfaction toward the Irish. The Irish were facing a devastating economic crisis during the 1700sRead MoreMarketing Plan For Sms789 Words   |  4 PagesExecutive Summary We are well-known to be a result -focused company that undertook the toughest project in the area. We will be glad to work with you in supporting the development and launch of your new software. Our expertise in market growth will ensure that SMS make a successful and profitable entry in the data analysis industry. The consulting project aims: †¢ Examine the market with a survey to quantify the market potential, and identify important sellable features for SMS’s product †¢ Based

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E Business Systems Business Promotion

Question: Discuss about theE Business Systemsfor Business Promotion. Answer: Introduction With the advent of technology, the word of mouth strategy of business promotion has been replaced by the aggressive policy of social media promotion. Nowadays, most of the business organizations set up their own website page, whereby they not only communicate with the customers, but keep them updated about the recent happening of the organization. Providing a variety of information, engaging the customers in an impressive way, through the smart presentation of the facts via an eye soothing website is all a company needs to prosper. Although most of the organizations have opened up a website of the own, very few of them are able to grab the attention of the visitors. Hence, the present task intends to consider the important restaurant organizations operating in the restaurant industry- KFC, McDonalds, Burger King and Aldeerah, and critically analyze the effectiveness of their websites in terms of the 7C Model. Analysis of the Websites in Terms of 7C Model The 7C model of website analysis consists of context, connection, content, community, customization, commerce and communication. The different aspects of the model are used to analyze the websites of the companies in the fast food restaurant sector among the world. It can be seen that an ideal website will contain all these aspects in a right proportion so that the user can experience satisfaction in using this website (Akincilar Dagdeviren, 2014). The context of the websites of four companies should portray the screen to face customer interface which can be categorized as functionality and aesthetics. The color scheme, aesthetics, section breakdown, functionality of the websites must be up to the mark. The content features about the appeal mix, multimedia mix, timeliness mix, product dominant, category killer, information, specialty store, service dominant, etc. The community can be defined as the cohesion, relationship, effectiveness, self-regulation, language, interaction tools, c ommunity classifications, etc. In terms of customization, it can be classified as tailoring, personalization, generic, etc (Gehrels, Wienen Mendes, 2016). The aspect of commerce includes the functional features of e-commerce. The types of connection used are outside links, popup windows, outsourced content, etc. The aspect of communication includes interactive, broadcast, hybrid, etc. Findings Introduction of the Industry The fast food restaurant is one of the growing industries in the world along with number of changes the companies are adopting in order to cope up with the change in food trends by the consumers of the world. The consumers have a different pattern of trend in different parts of the world. However, KFC, McDonalds and Burger King are considered as the most popular restaurants that have their presence across different parts of the world. Apart from that, it can be said that the restaurant chosen in the Middle East is Aldeerah that is based on Saudi Arabia (Burger King, 2017). The restaurant is known for providing Saudi Arabian cuisine to the customers. The uniqueness of the restaurant is to provide hospitality service to attract people from crafts and arts with its traditional approach to the customers. These websites are chosen because in the fast food industry these three companies are the most popular companies in the world in terms of market reputation, profitability, products and s ervice, website content, online and offline services. On the other hand, the restaurant selected in the Middle East is Aldeerah, is popularly known for serving Saudi Arabian cuisine to the customers of Saudi Arabia (Aldeerah, 2017). Identification of Content The content of the websites of KFC, Burger King, Mc Donalds and Aldeerah are compared to one another. It can be said that the website content of Aldeerah is not upgraded. The easiness of the availability of the content is more or less same in terms of the description of the products and services available in the company (KFC, 2017). Aldeerah has the website that defines the Saudi Arabian cuisine mainly. The different types of other facilities that the company is providing to the customers are not properly defined in it. By comparing the website content of these three fast food restaurants, it can be said that Aldeerah will not attract customers more like that of these three companies do across the world (Fernndez-Cavia et al., 2014). Navigation of Pages The navigation of pages of McDonalds and Burger King are more flexible than Aldeerah. As it is already mentioned earlier that the website contents are not properly arranged like that of the other contents of the different companies, hence the user will not find the aspect of navigation properly in Aldeerah whereas they will experience smoothly while viewing websites of McDonalds, Burger King and KFC (Maher et al., 2014). Use of Graphics and Animation It can be seen that the websites that use more graphics and animation more in order to educate the viewers are found to be more popular like that of the websites that are informative in terms of content but lacks in graphics and animations. As these companies belong to the fast food categories, hence graphics and animations of the food items are necessary. People who do not have the idea of the foods that the companies are selling will have the idea of the foods that will help them to go to the restaurant or order online from the website itself. Aldeerah do not have much graphics and animation of the foods (Sturiale Trovato, 2015). Linking Capabilities of Web The linking capability of Aldeerah is not so much improved when it is compared to the web pages of the other three restaurants of Mc Donalds, KFC and Burger King. The web pages of the three American fast food giants provide information that are linked with the pages of other aspects such as the pages of the menus and the special offers are linked with one another so that they can give a detailed information about the details of the every food menu (McDonald's, 2017). On the other hand, there are no web pages that are linked with each other and any types of special discounts and offers to the foods and beverages they provide to the Saudi Arabian consumers (Stern Zinkhan, 2015). Moreover, it can be said that the information in the web pages of Aldeerah are incomplete and will not attract consumers easily for increasing the sales of the company. Privacy Policy Privacy policy in terms of online ordering is an important aspect that the companies must provide in their websites for customer security and other security compliances. It can be said that the websites of Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, etc have separate web page for privacy policies that will help in customer security during ordering online. There is a separate page for FAQs that educate the customers regarding the security purpose of the online transaction of the customers while ordering foods from the websites (Wirtz et al., 2016). Aldeerah do not have this facility for its customers in Saudi Arabia. It has a page of contact us that provide the contact number and contact address of the restaurant. Recommendations It can be said that Aldeerah need much improvement in their website in order to improve the experience of the user who are viewing the website of the company as it is related to market reputation as well as increased profitability of the company. Following are the recommendations suggested to the company for its development of the user experience of the web viewers. It would add information about its recent activities It might add graphics and animations of the food items It would include promotional offers and discounts of the food The linkage of the pages might be improved The content will be improved so that it can attract customers Technology can be used to develop the website by animation and 3D systems (Alrousan Jones, 2016). Conclusion To conclude, it would be important to state that the layout, style , color or the content of a website largely determine the extent to which a website would be able to grab the attention of its clients. After analyzing the websites through the 7C model, it has been observed that Burger King has the best website among the four organizations. The layout is bright and clear, with a prominent picture of a dainty burger, boasting of its taste and quality alike. It is in itself a rich source of information offering the consumers knowledge about the recently launched offers, discounts and new food products available. The site also enables its customers gain access to the link from where the consumers can download the app of the website and thus it helps the consumers in a considerable way. On the other hand, the website of Aldeerah is not that impressive. Being a typical Saudi Arabian restaurant chain, the style and layout is being created in a rather magical, exotic and enchanted way that speaks of its orientalism. However, it has very limited options, and the visitor cannot easily navigate among the pages. The website is not regularly being maintained, and except the menu and the contact number, the consumers will not get any valuable information. The absence of background information or well-maintained photo gallery, and lack of appealing quality of a rather slow website, makes it the least impressive one. Reference List: Akincilar, A., Dagdeviren, M. (2014).A hybrid multi-criteria decision making model to evaluate hotel websites.International Journal of Hospitality Management,36, 263-271. Aldeerah. (2017).Saudi Restaurant - Middle Eastern - Food .Aldeerah.us. Retrieved 23 April 2017, from https://aldeerah.us/#/about-us/ Alrousan, M. K., Jones, E. (2016). A conceptual model of factors affecting e-commerce adoption by SME owner/managers in Jordan.International Journal of Business Information Systems,21(3), 269-308. Burger King. (2017).BURGER KING Get Fresh offers 2 for $5.BURGER KING. Retrieved 23 April 2017, from https://www.bk.com/offers Fernndez-Cavia, J., Rovira, C., Daz-Luque, P., Cavaller, V. (2014).Web Quality Index (WQI) for official tourist destination websites.Proposal for an assessment system.Tourism management perspectives,9, 5-13. Gehrels, S., Wienen, N., Mendes, J. (2016). Comparing hotels employer brand effectiveness through social media and websites.Research in Hospitality Management,6(2), 163-170. KFC. (2017).Delivery Offers | KFC.Online.kfc.co.in. Retrieved 23 April 2017, from https://online.kfc.co.in/offer/listing Maher, C. A., Lewis, L. K., Ferrar, K., Marshall, S., De Bourdeaudhuij, I., Vandelanotte, C. (2014). Are health behavior change interventions that use online social networks effective? A systematic review.Journal of medical Internet research,16(2), e40. McDonald's. (2017).McDonalds Burgers: Whats New on our Menu.Mcdelivery.co.in. Retrieved 23 April 2017, from https://www.mcdelivery.co.in/Categories/What's-New Stern, B. B., Zinkhan, G. M. (2015). Netvertising Image Communication Model (NICM).Advertising, Promotion, and New Media, 30. Sturiale, L., Trovato, M. R. (2015). Cultural resources, local products and technological innovations: a possible web marketing model to support of the Val di Notos development.Aestimum, 279-292. Wirtz, B. W., Pistoia, A., Ullrich, S., Gttel, V. (2016). Business models: Origin, development and future research perspectives.Long Range Planning,49(1), 36-54.

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Drugs and Music Revolution of 1960s Essay Example

Drugs and Music Revolution of 1960s Paper Essay on The 1960s Music and Drug Revolution The decade of the 1960s is most likely talked about because of the Vietnam War, but most over look what was going on in America. Back in the states the faces of angry anti- war activists were on every major street corner you looked, they protested for peace and to get their brothers out of the Jungles where the vicious war took place. The sixties were also the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement for Black Americans to receive racial dignity, economic and political self-sufficiency: with voting rights, and also freedom from white Americans. Lastly the four major political ssassinations of John F Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. , and Robert F. Kennedy all took place one after another in this decade leaving the Americans in heartbreak and turmoil. Politically leaving the United States at a standpoint on what the hell is there to do next. To get away from the mess, the most effective escape of the time was the music. It changed the depressing feeling to help make the people somewhat forget what harsh realities are happening around them and give them hope. With the music so empowering to some this brought to us what we now know as the Hippie Movement. (Yapp). Most were fed up with the United States leading to thousands of carefree people to hard drugs and rock and roll. During the hard ships in the sixties people used music to find the glass half full instead of half empty. All of the events of the sixties had an effect on the way the people dressed then and still to this day. Self-expression of the 1960s led men and women to grow their hair long and dress freely in bright colors and daring prints that were outrageous and had never been seen before. We will write a custom essay sample on Drugs and Music Revolution of 1960s specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Drugs and Music Revolution of 1960s specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Drugs and Music Revolution of 1960s specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Events: The 1960s started out on a good foot with John F Kennedy, as President America as happy with the way politics were being handled. He was the second youngest president to ever be in office. John was elected in 1961 and was putting a pretty big hand print on the Americans with big events such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Space Race, the African- American Civil Rights Movement, and early stages of the Vietnam War. Until 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated him with a shot to the upper back and a final shot to the head. Pronouncing him dead 30 minutes alter. To this day Kennedy continues to rank ighly in public opinion ratings of U. S. presidents. Following Kennedys assassination were the deaths of civil rights leaders Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. , and JFKs brother Robert F. Kennedy. All four of these deaths happening in such a short amount of time left Americans with really no guidance on what to do next and what was going to happen to them. Socially the United States was tired of being let down and many decided to go about their own ways of carefree living. Many were also in poverty so looking for a brighter side to life. The outcome of looking for a better life was to be a hippie. The ubculture started out with the youth and quickly rose and spread across country and even into some other countries. Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic rock, embraced the sexual revolution and many used drugs such as Marijuana, LSD and mushrooms to explore an altered state ot consciousness. Something that cannot be ignored was the Vietnam War that mainly took place in the 1960s. The war had an estimated 47, 355 American casualties, with men and women losing lives left and right many were in a deep depression. The war went on from 1955 to 1975 with the United States getting highly involved in the 60s. The US got involved to help prevent communism in South Vietnam for containment; with overwhelming firepower, air support, airstrikes, search and destroy operations, and lots of heavy artillery. Although the war did not end until the 70s, the capture of Saigon by the Vietnam Peoples Army in 1975 marked the end of the war, and North and South Vietnam were reunified the following year. Descriptive: The different styles and trends of the sixties are extremely different with all the different social groups. Starting off with the early times of the sixties when John F. Kennedy was still the president and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Illustration 1) was the icon of elegance and poise. Her style consisted of pillbox hats, suits in pastel colors with big buttons and short Jackets. A casual day consisted of capris and versatile layers in bright colors these styles were increasingly popular. The sixties were also a time of the British Invasion in America. The ever so popular bad The Beatles had arrived in America at this time with their hit songs still listened to until this day. This sparked a style of what we call Mod. Mod short for Modernists; consisting of women copying mens style with fitted Levis Jeans and sneakers. Also wearing mens shirts, tailors suits, mini skirts, A-line skirts, and trousers. The Mod style icon was Twiggy (Illustration 2), a popular British model who broke the rules for women style and taking them out of the conservative long dress and long skirt confines of the previous 1950s. Finding your personal style and dressing how you felt was the biggest trend of all. The best known and most significant of all was the Hippie style catalyst. Giving the people of the sixties ultimate comfort and self-expression. This style consisted of oose- fitting clothes; most often tie dyed pieces and adding the perfect accent to top off an outfit with a flower. Flowers showing a sign for peace during the rough times of war going on back in Vietnam. Hip-hugger bell-bottom Jeans were incredibly popular for both men and women and following these Jeans were peasant shirts, skirts and halter-tops (Illustration 3). Another trend was women sewing patches of different cloth on to their clothes to either cover holes or simply for decoration. Lastly in the late sixties the anything goes look was the outcome after all the not so everlasting trends in the previous years. Of course more new trends did thrive such as closer to the body clothing with firmly belted waistlines on dresses, suits and blouses showing off the hips. The film, Bonnie and Clyde gave the inspiration for jumper dresses and suits. The film also gave off wide leg pants giving a more professional look; that carried on into the 1970s, compared to the very messy hippie look. The hippie look was actually inspired and really made in toa mess by the music of the 1960s. Music was being influenced by so many new trends that had never happened before, the new ways of politics, economics and carefree lifestyle.. Drugs elped ease the pain and became the most influential variables in the music of the s es The rock and roll and pop music all started out small and underground until it became mainstream. Soon to be known as the psychedelic era, this era introduced drugs to be an important aspect of music and a part of the typical day of a rock star. The listeners of the music also used drugs like acid and marijuana to enhance the overall experience of the sounds, movements and brightness of lights during the shows and music festivals. Bands such as The Byrds and The Grateful Dead used drugs like LSD, marijuana, and heroin (Illustration 4). They believed using drugs would make a difference of the previous music in the 1950s, and were very successful with blowing the 50s music away. The effect that the drugs had on the band was turning them into real musicians, ones that could capture the audiences attention in just a couple of strums ofa guitar. This new music started around the San Francisco area and spread across the nation. Young people greeted the new genre of music with open arms and drugs helped change the way to enjoy the new wave of music. It also became apparent that the British group The Beatles started to use LSD when ecording in the studio. The song Tomorrow Never Knows was a product of the famous group high on an acid trip. Toward the end of the sixties the iconic music festival called The Peace and Music Festival of Woodstock. The three-day festival was hugely successful and the first ever of its kind to occur (Illustration 5). More than two million people tried to get in, with borders and state lines closed due to the amount of people. The festival headlined different bands from across the world and was a place to demonstrate peace. Even though during most of the three-day event it oured rain it did not stop anyone from putting a damper on the mood. Putting a close to the sixties a few years later was the end of the Vietnam War however the end of war did not put an end to drug use. Many people had lost their lives in the psychedelic era either from a gunshot in the Far East of a prick of a heroin laced needle in the United States. These tragedies were captured in the music of the sixties and is remembered and reminded to the generations to come. Compare and Contrast: From the radical 1960s to the present time now there are so many things have changed and so many things have also stayed the same. Starting with the fashion of the 60s consisting of women wearing mens wear clothing as a huge trend that went on throughout the time and is still to this day. There is also the mid 60s, which was when the hippie look was widely popular, and the baggy look with long shirts and pajama looking pants with low hemlines. Today everything is a high hemline and form-fitting clothes from tight denim Jeans to crop top shirts for girls. Although the 60s did go through a phase of tight bell bottom pants made of polyester. Thankfully, those are not seen any more in present time. Another comparison is the Civil Rights Movement that happened in the sixties. Black Americans wanted the legal freedom from whites, voting rights, as well as inside schools, and over all racial dignity. Ever since this Conclusion: The 1960s was no doubt a revelation that changed America forever. With so many monumental experiences that will most likely never happen again. Fashion is of course torever changing but more so in the 1 Starting early on witn clean cut pastel suits to the late sixties tie dye shirts; skintight bell-bottom Jeans and long hair were the trend. All of the tragedies in the sixties it had a huge impact on music and hat the American people felt, what they were feeling was the way they dressed and showed self-expression through their clothes. Music was a huge part of peoples lives back then, that was the only thing that young adults had to look forward to and music is even more relatable today. Music speaks to people in ways that no one can describe, almost life changing to some. The artists and bands of the 60s talked about what was going on around them inside their song lyrics. Making it easily relatable to their fans and to the American people to make it seem like they were all in the mess together and never by themselves.

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buy custom Oticon and Information Technology essay

buy custom Oticon and Information Technology essay Information technology is a significant facet in any organization, be it a multinational or a small business. It is also essential in society in general. Integrating information technology in any office set up means employment of computer software, hardware and processor-oriented information systems. Most of the modern organizations have incorporated information technology in their systems, for smooth running of the firms. Effective inclusion of information technology in the office, could lead to remarkable outcomes, though it could also have its demerits. The major limitation of information technology is seen to be the redundancy of managers and workers. There are however several organizations that have been effectively renovated with the incorporation of information technology, one such example being Oticon. Oticon and Information Technology For the main part, Oticon demonstrates a good paradigm of successful incorporation of computer-based technology in redesigning an organization positively. Oticon is an international producer of hearing aids with its headquarters based in Denmark. This company was on the verge of being rendered extinct, due to competition from an American company that was producing hearing aids that were preferable to the larger market. This was when the firm got a new chief executive officer, Lars Kolind, in 1988 who revamped Oticon. Bjorn-Andersen and Turner (1995) suggest that information technology was not the sole reason for the far-reaching changes that took place at Oticon, but it made the metamorphosis possible and pragmatic. Information technology was applied by Oticon to make the work environment more efficient and mobility of workers was increased. Information was also afforded to workers at more convenient places and time as compared to the inconveniences experienced with the office syste m. Role of Information Technology in Organizations Information technology in an organization takes on a facilitative position rather than the primary role. It enables a company to undertake restructuring of its management and day to day workings as Oticon did. This kind of technology is used in creation of new business ideas, inventing novel methods of working and solving organizational hitches. Computer software for example, is used to design an easier and more effective way of coordinating the affairs of the company. For instance there can be accounting software to help in book keeping and inventory management. The Point of Sale (POS) system, for example ensures that whenever an item is sold from the stock in a business then the reduction in stock is reflected in the system. Applying information technology in organizations is manifested through the use of e-mails to communicate in an office. More recently there has been an increase of businesses and even big organizations using social media sites, such as Facebook, to advertise and market their products. Organizations also design websites where potential investors and clients can access information on the firm. Power point presentations are also used in company meetings to make a task more effectual and easy to understand. Most organizations have also resolved to use digital versions of files instead of filing cabinets filling a whole room with documents and files. In this way a huge amount of historical data can be stored and easily retrieved. Organizations also use computers to store the database of their employees. This is also useful for potential employees who send their job applications through the internet. Organizations also use information technology to reach out to their customers and receive feedback on products as well as to improve on customer care. Research can also be done on the internet to ensure that an organization keeps up with modern products and market trends. The Case of Johnsonville Sausage LLC Johnsonville Sausage LLC is an American company based in Wisconsin which mainly deals with manufacturing of meat products. This is one of the big companies that has effectively used technological strategies to sway global markets and consumer tastes. In 2003, the company mapped out an information technology plan to set up an all inclusive SAP policy. This meant that the firm would advance its visibility and be able to exploit more sources of raw materials, end products and what the customers require most. Johnsonville Sausage LLC utilized the Cisco Aironet 350 Series and set up a wireless local area network to follow up on the movement of its manufactured goods (Cisco Systems Inc. 2001). The company has also used other Cisco products such as firewalls to protect confidential company information and money, as well as routers and hubs. Johnsonville Sausage has also made use of wireless machinery to connect computers which are on the floor to the network. This is in turn used to check on the inventory as it stands at that particular time. All these illustrations demonstrate that Johnsonville Sausage LLC has indeed transformed due to information technology advancements. I would like to work in such an environment as this would mean that work gets done faster as information is available and is conveniently retrieved. In such an environment there is advanced technology and safeguards and the business is expanding meaning there is job security and better salaries too. Conclusion This paper has illustrated that information technology if effectively utilized and integrated by an organization can lead to a remarkable transformation. It is important to note that the role of information systems and technology is merely enabling or facilitative. To obtain optimum organizational transformation, a firm still has to do much more, for instance building up the main competencies and careers of the organization. Buy custom Oticon and Information Technology essay

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Are Kids overmedicated Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Are Kids overmedicated - Essay Example In this paper I will be attempting shade more light on the whole topic of overmedication in kids by answering the questions. There is evidence pointing at the fact that pediatricians are prescribing over ten million antibiotics for unnecessary cases e.g. common flu, asthma and even in some cases headache. The Centers for Disease Control also report that over ten thousand kids are on psychostimulant drugs such as Ritalin. It was estimated that approximately 7.5% of children in the United States in the age ranges of six years to seventeen were using medicines for behavior and emotional problems as at 2011. The number of children on psychostimulants has been rising sharply in the past few years. What this means is that there are many children out here receiving either antibiotics, drugs for behavioral problems or many others in large numbers that can be avoided. It points to an interesting fact; either the psychiatrists or medical doctors are overwhelmed or too busy to take enough time and provide quality service. It could also mean that parents are very busy give their children healthy home environments. Also schools must take a portion of the blame for their busy schedules that limit recess time or completely do not have activities for children to relax. Pharmaceutical companies should be blamed largely for the overmedication being reported in kids due to their marketing campaigns which are mostly driven by profitmaking (Insel, 2014). The consequences of overmedication can be devastating considering the health of these kids who are still growing. Overt and under-treatment are some of the consequences. Due to carelessness or clinicians being to busy, the children are subjected to medication even when conditions can be manage by therapy for instance in the case of psychostimulants. Antibiotic over or misuse may arise especially in situations where diagnosis is very uncertain e.g. in infections of the ears.